How to Create Leveraged Impact

Philadelphia June 22nd - 24th, 2018

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Celebrate over a decade of changing lives with the Impact family. Build close lifetime relationships with top-level marketers and thought leaders. Get Advanced Marketing Strategies and Tactics to build your own mass audience of millions of fans eager to follow your ideas and projects and fund your goals and dreams!

Leveraged Profits

Expand your ideas, your mindset and your results as you touch the lives of millions. Leverage multiple media channels to broaden your reach. Discover the secrets of getting radio, television and press coverage Explore how the Internet and social media can expand your audience Experience the magic of learning to create a mass audience!

Global Impact

Authors, speakers, musicians, artists, celebrities, experts, marketers, advocates, non-profit organizations, corporations and anyone who wants to reach the masses, gain the knowledge, tools, experience and insights necessary to drive millions of people to their ideas, programs, products and services will crave this experience

Our Story

Our Story

At “Impact Livecast”, our world-class speakers and super panel will show you the strategies most people don’t know about. Things like… - The fastest, easiest and most affordable ways to capture, convert and close new customers with the latest video, online, social media and mobile marketing - How to write powerful prose that gets you more clicks, more subscribers, and more sales, using this secret “persuasion equation” - How any small business owner, entrepreneur, author, expert, speaker, consultant or coach can use this system to grow a business and list quickly, easily and affordably - The two “games” you must master if you have any hope at all of business success – and how to go about it - Lead generation, follow up and sales automation - How to get paid 10 times more for whatever it is you do right now (Even if you don’t believe it’s possible!) - How to capture 50-85% of all the names and emails in an audience instantly - The single most powerful word you can use in your marketing copy, that boosts sales like crazy (and no, it’s not “free” or “new”!) An online marketing plan to get buzz, get traffic, build a list & make money IMMEDIATELY - The proven tactic that renders your competitors… irrelevant (when you start using this tactic, don’t be surprised by the sudden increase in business!) - How to get positioned, get ranked and get seen in the search engines - How Mobile plus QR Codes Can Increase Sales - A surefire way to establish yourself as an expert & authority on ANY topic • How one customer lost his job, moved his entire family, started his online marketing business and closed his first $5,000 client in only FIVE DAYS – with no list! … …and how that same customer upgraded 14 days later and paid him $15,000 + 2% of his GROSS REVENUE And MUCH more! And that’s just the tiniest sample of what’s in store for you when you show up at The Impact Event! Check out the complete list of world-class speakers and it’s obvious – this will be an incredible, eye-opening, profit-generating experience. I GUARANTEE, you’ll learn techniques and strategies you’ll never hear anywhere else but at this event.

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Ken McArthur, Best-Selling Author, Event and Film Producer
Ken McArthur
Ken McArthur
Event and Film Producer

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Top-Level Marketing Thought Leaders Show You How To Create Massive Impact

Philadelphia Impact Livecast Event June 22nd – 24th, 2018

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